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Investing can be a lonely affair, for most retail investors, keeping an eye on the markets and being updated with latest developments can be handful. With over 800 stocks listed in SGX and many more across regional markets, it’s tough to be monitoring them alone.

Hi I’m Ruzaini, a full time stockbroker, specialise in spotting undervalued stocks in Singapore and regional markets. A brief background about myself; I have been involved in investing and trading the financial markets since 2009. I traded professionally with a proprietary trading firm for 4 years, where I specialised in trading Interest Rate and Commodity Futures. These days as a Stockbroker, I serve retail clients to grow their wealth through investing in Stocks, ETF, Bonds and CFD.

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  • My personal investment checklist; select undervalued stocks to invest.
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  • Macroeconomic insights on markets and deep value analysis.
  • Simple and easy to use template for stocks valuation.
  • Personal consultation for portfolio review and planning.
  • Weekly market analysis and research by in-house analyst.
  • FREE trading platform.
  • FREE access to investment seminars.

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