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The Asian Contrarian

A lot of attention has been given to contemporary value investing techniques, which is to buy good businesses at fair prices. Nothing wrong with that, although I feel that these companies tend to be frequently discussed among the investment community. When we talk about great businesses, they are usually well known brands in a given industry. So with all that attention and glamour comes with a price, these companies tends to trade on rich multiples.Whenever majority of the investment community has a similar view on a great business, usually does not equate to being a great investment.

I seek to offer an alternative perspective, by looking at the other end of the spectrum. The Asian Contrarian seeks to provide insights in some of the most unloved and unappreciated businesses in Asia. I believe our Asian markets are less efficient than Western counterparts, hence this provides a good platform to maximize returns.There are times when these companies are so neglected that the market overlooked its good assets and underestimated its management.

To sum up my philosophy on investing, I’ll leave you with a quote by Sir John Templeton “If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd.”

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