How I Spot Undiscovered And Undervalued Stocks That Consistently Generates 50% Profits

Do you know that Warren Buffett’s best years as an investor was in his early years as a fund manager?

Do you know that in his 12-year career as a fund manager, Buffett consistently outperformed the Dow by an average of 22% annually?

How did Warren Buffett consistently achieve such incredible returns?

In an annual meeting, he was recorded on video saying this:

“If I were working with small sums, I certainly would be much more inclined to look among what you might call classic Graham stocks. I would do far better percentage wise if I were working with small sums…there are just way more opportunities.

If you’re working with a small sum you have thousands and thousands of potential opportunities and when we work with large sums, we just…we have relatively few possibilities in the investment world which can make a real difference in our net worth. So, you have a huge advantage over me if you’re working with very little money.”

So what was he referring to when he said “classic Graham stocks“?

In my Value Investing Blueprint, I will reveal what “classic Graham stocks” are and I’ll show you how to identify these amazing stocks that made Warren Buffett a multi-millionaire by the age of 30 and cemented his status as the world’s greatest investor.

Bonus: I will reveal how I replicated this strategy and bought this undiscovered stock at $1.58 and sold at $3.63 for over 100% return on investment. 



The Value Investing Blueprint Is A Step-By-Step Guide Showing You…

  • Why Value Investing has a better track record than almost any other approach to the market and is still practiced by some of the most respected investors in the world…
  • What is deep value investing? Why the strategy is still used by big-name investors…
  • Research and statistics on historical performance and returns of the strategy…
  • Why you should invest in deep value stocks (A tip by Warren Buffett to help you generate more profits from the stock market)
  • The step-by-step process to spot deep value stocks with big potential in 15 minutes…
  • A full walk-through my checklist to avoid buying value traps…
  • And much more…

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Screenshot 2019-02-13 at 10.12.14 PMAbout Ruzaini Rashid

Ruzaini is a professional investment specialist, with a focus on spotting undervalued and high-quality stocks and forecast their capital appreciation in the next 3-5 years. ​ He spent the last decade as a finance professional working in the trading and stockbroking sector to get an inside look of the financial markets and learn from industry veterans.

As a seasoned investment advisor, Ruzaini have worked with many retail investors – anyone from beginners to high-net worth investors, and helped them construct a portfolio of stocks to grow their wealth faster and at the same time, generate consistent income from the stock market.

Many investors have benefited from the principles revealed in this blueprint, and Ruzaini is giving it away for free for a limited time. If you want to generate explosive returns from the stock market, and know how to systematically identify stocks that will outperform, then download the Ultimate Value Investing Blueprint below now.


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